Hotel Unique Sao Paulo | Sao Paulo, Brazil

A reference in modern architecture and originality, Unique’s spacey, green copper facade alone makes this hotel unlike any other. Located in the well-heeled residential area of Jardins, and just meters from Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo’s largest green area, the building rises like a gracious ocean liner in dry-dock.

Shielding dark glass and a desert garden of mini, sand-toned cubes of rock, palms and agaves are the first impressions that the hotel offers. Dramatic high internal spaces such as the lobby are accentuated and illuminated with walls of beige marble, and sharp, geometric themes make the spectacle even grander. A carefully choreographed spectrum of circles and squares, ellipses and sine curves flow in and out of each other, softened by wooden flooring, sleek white furnishings and transparent glass tables and fittings. The rooftop terrace displays amazing views of the city, if you manage to take your eyes off of the fascinating crimson red swimming pool.

Before their stay, everyone looks up and wonders, “What is it like to stay there?.” After a day here, you will wonder, How are you going to be able to stay anywhere else?

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